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Kickoff meeting

Organising a successful kickoff meeting

A kickoff meeting is usually held at the beginning of the new year, with the aim of determining and discussing all objectives for the coming year. This can be a kickoff session with just the management of a company, but also with a specific department or for all employees. It mainly depends on who is involved with the work to be done to achieve certain objectives.

The start of a new project can also be a great time for a kickoff meeting. The entire project team and the parties involved are present to reach an agreement on the objectives of the project.

Summit Events knows better than anyone that organising a kickoff meeting takes quite some effort. Thorough preparation is therefore essential. Summit Events thinks along with you and is happy to take the work off your hands.

The preparation

In preparation of a kickoff meeting, it is important to have a clear picture of what you want to achieve. Think, for instance, of clear goals or targets. By organising a kickoff meeting for all employees & departments, there is a risk that certain objectives will not be understood. An objective might mainly focus on one specific business unit, in which not all departments or employees are directly involved. Simply formulating and discussing objectives is therefore not enough.

An equally important part is inspiring and motivating your employees. As a rule, you do not achieve this with just a boring meeting, but with a meaningful daytime activity that includes other, more relaxed, activities in addition to the meeting(s) itself. On top of that, it is recommended to send an agenda well in advance of the meeting, as well as an overview of what the programme of the day or days will look like. This way, every participant in the kickoff meeting can prepare well.

The importance of the meeting location

A meeting location is still often underestimated. Companies usually opt for a hotel, a conference centre or a congress complex. You will undoubtedly have all the resources available at these locations, but in many cases they are not really inspiring. That is the challenge; find inspiring locations where you can have a meeting in peace, relax and enjoy good gastronomic care.

Summit Events has a large network of inspiring locations. If the kickoff session lasts several days, then there will have to be an accommodation available to stay overnight or you will have to book a hotel in the area. When you choose a special meeting location, the chance of success is much greater.

It is precisely by alternating meetings with other activities that different opinions can be bridged and make sure that, at the end, everyone is on the same page. When everyone is jointly convinced to achieve the objectives, you can speak of a successful kickoff meeting.

Outsource the organisation of the kickoff meeting

Are you looking for an inspiring location for your kickoff meeting? You can leave the organisation to Summit Events. We have extensive experience in organising various types of kickoff meetings, whether for one day or several days. In addition, we can offer you some interesting programmes,  that can also be adapted to your own wishes.

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