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Business partner event

What is a business partner event?

A business partner event (also known as client event) is an opportunity to thank your external relations – your customers, suppliers and other guests – for their loyalty in a casual way. This strengthens personal ties and ensures that things run smoothly in the future. Moreover, an unforgettable day / evening has the benefit of your company being remembered in a positive way: an excellent marketing strategy.

The change of context allows you and your customers to get to know each other outside of business. It is good for relationships to change tone and it is also essential to know a number of personal facts about business partners. The main goal is therefore not to generate more conversions, but to strengthen relationships. However, such a day is also a good time to inform customers in a festive way about, for example, a new course, services or products within the company.

Organising a business partner event in a few steps.

Organising a corporate event always takes more time than planned and it is easy to skip steps. That is why some tips can be found below to make your event a success.

  • Determine who your biggest customers are. Think about activities that are appropriate for their age and interests.
  • A business partner event is an investment of which you will not immediately notice the results. There is a greater chance that the effect will unfold in an immeasurable way (word of mouth advertising and increased goodwill, etc.). A tight budget ensures that you don’t spend more than necessary.
  • Assemble a party committee. You undoubtedly have some employees who want to spend a few hours a week on something special. They may even have experience in organising events. Send an internal email around with an inviting call. The members can brainstorm together.
  • Choose an original location. Nothing defines the atmosphere as much as the location of your event. How about a nice cruise, a party on the beach or a rooftop party? The location is the context of your business partner event and ensures that your guests can immerse themselves in their party persona.
  • Choose an activity. Nothing breaks the ice faster than an activity, but choose an activity that suits your clients. Beach volleyball is fun for a young audience, but older people are more likely to enjoy a flashy performance.
  • Send a nice invitation. An invitation should attract attention. At the very least, a flyer should have a nice design. Image is important. Be sure to add photos or consider recording a nice video message.
  • Make sure your customers can easily find the location. A nice banner is a good idea to indicate where the location is, and an opportunity to draw attention to your logo once again.
  • Don’t forget the catering! You can’t organise a customer day without good food and festive drinks.
  • A gift at the end is a souvenir, but also a thank you. This doesn’t have to be big, but it does have to be charming. A nice T-shirt or a mug with a nice design are often enough.

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