Client event

A special thanks to your external partners

  • Strong business connections thrive during your client event
  • Paves the way for fruitful future partnerships
  • Creates lasting impressions beyond your products and services
A client event offers a chance to step back, connect with your partners and build stronger relationships outside of the office.
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The perfect client appreciation day with Summit Events


A successful client event (or customer appreciation event) isn’t just about business transactions or boosting sales. It’s about deepening connections with your external partners. This special occasion brings together all your partners, from suppliers to collaborators, and even customers, in a festive atmosphere. It’s also a great chance to share updates on your direction or introduce new offerings. But gone are the days of lengthy, dull presentations! At Summit Events, we ensure your client event is engaging and enjoyable for all attendees, leaving them with a positive impression of the event.

The possibilities

Locaties icon

Surprising venues

From a back-to-basic tent or an old factory to a 5-star hotel with a sky bar.

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Eye-catching food concepts

We also tailor the event catering to your chosen event theme.

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From ‘drawing’ to dinner table

Summit Events thinks along with you from A to Z. Together, we organize a top-notch event!

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Inspiring speakers

We arrange excellent speakers that align with your organization and the goals you want to achieve.



How Summit Events organizes your client event


Planning a client event always requires more time than expected, which is why Summit Events is here to assist you. We handle everything from start to finish, ensuring that your day runs seamlessly.

Engaging and Productive Client Events

When it comes to organizing client events, we typically categorize them into two types: formal business-oriented events and interactive, informal ones. Regardless of the type, we always begin by brainstorming the perfect location, recognizing that it sets the tone for the entire event. For formal client events, we strive to secure inspiring and distinctive venues. Our “The Arena” concept is particularly popular among clients, offering an active and dynamic setting. We can enhance your agenda with compelling speakers, and naturally, we conclude the day with a drinks reception or dinner accompanied by music from a DJ. On the other hand, for interactive client events, we push boundaries and introduce enjoyable and approachable activities. Think beach sailing or boat rides.

Aligning Everything with Your Company

A client event is more than just a gathering; it’s an investment in your brand’s reputation and future success. While you might not see immediate results, the impact often extends far beyond the event itself, resulting in invaluable benefits like word-of-mouth advertising and enhanced goodwill. That’s why it’s essential to weave your company’s identity throughout every aspect of the event. From the catering menu to the venue’s décor to the activities, we ensure that every element reflects your brand and the event’s chosen theme.

Turn to Summit Events for an unforgettable client event

Feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of organizing a client event? Unsure of where to even begin?

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