Surprisingly different events

What are these people doing in a prison?

The secret of a top event?

Simple ... surprise your guests from start to finish!

A well-built event (read: ‘story’) must inspire, motivate and enthuse, from icebreaker to wrap-up. These and other ingredients are crucial for an event to be successful.

Every event – every message – is unique, just like your story. Tell us that story and we will also create and organise a surprisingly different event for your guests.

Joeri Rooij, Creative Director

Studio livestream webinar Haarlem Amsterdam

Summit Online

In our 'Surprisingly Different' studio

Online events play an increasingly important role in everyday life. In Studio Summit we come up with creative concepts to give your target group an online experience that is surprisingly different…

From livestreams to video productions and from podcasts to photoshoots, it is all possible in our modern studio in Haarlem.

Inspiring cases

that we are quite proud of

The Simple Minds once sang: everything is possible… and with that in mind we also create your event. Nothing is too crazy for us, but the story you want to convey is and will remain the common thread in creating and organising the event.

Get inspired and view a number of unique and original story driven events organised by our Event Designers.


Surprisingly Different Destinations

Summit Travel offers incentive and teambuilding programmes at various locations in The Netherlands and the rest of Europe. Our goal is to surprise your guests with special, original locations and programmes.


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