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Need to energize participants during a team-building day, a long meeting, or another business event? An energizer is there to wake up the participants and provide them with new energy.
  • Energy all day long
  • More attention & interaction
  • Employees who collaborate better
Energizers event

What is an energizer?


An energizer is a very short but exceptionally powerful and fun activity that you can do with a group. The name says it all: to keep the energy up or to bring it back.

Our energizers (especially for adults) always have 3 characteristics/goals: relaxation, social, efficiency. Firstly, an energizer should ensure that participants can briefly take their minds off things. Something different from the lecture, team-building assignment, or meeting. Additionally, our energizers often have a social aspect. It’s about meeting and/or working together. Lastly, we consider efficiency. How can we use the energizer in such a way that it doesn’t take too much time away from the event?

Discover the power of giving a business event a boost through an energizer.

Our Favorite Energizers

Onze energizers kunnen tijdens een 1-daags evenement in de middag of avond worden ingezet en tijdens meerdaagse events bijvoorbeeld ook heel goed in de ochtend. Wij zorgen voor de energie, waarmee de gasten weer de dag door kunnen komen. De onderstaande ideeën kunnen bovendien ook als online energizer worden ingezet.
Muzikale energizer

Musical energizer – EN

Nothing boosts energy like music! Whether it’s singing, dancing, listening, or making music, a musical energizer can recharge everyone’s spirits.

Culinaire energizer

Culinary energizer – EN

An energizer and a lunch or snack can also go well together. Delicious, uplifting, and of course, very efficient.

Actieve energizer

Active Energizer – EN

A brief period of movement can give participants new energy. At Summit Events, we have the most fun and engaging active games for adults.

Creatieve energizer

Creative energizer – EN

Brainstorming, creating art together, or theater sports. Creating something together is relaxing and very enjoyable. Highly recommended for team-building days.

Energy from Sunrise to Sunset

Planning a business event where participants stay engaged all day long?

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