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Surprise App

When employees collaborate effectively, the company thrives. But, let’s be real, how do you get everyone to feel truly involved? We created The Surprise App to foster a stronger sense of unity within your company.
  • More solidarity within the company
  • Narrow the gap between top and workforce
  • Enhance connection with customers and partners
The Surprise App

What is The Surprise App?


Looking to foster more team spirit and unity within the company? That’s why we developed The Surprise App, an innovative way to exchange messages. Nowadays, a regular email doesn’t carry much weight, and sometimes you wonder if everyone reads their emails attentively. So, how can you make sure that staff pays attention, when you have something important to share? With the Surprise App, you bridge the gap between people on the ground and management.

Why The Surprise App?

The Surprise App is a new way to send surprising messages to increase engagement and loyalty. We’re happy to tell you more about the possibilities.
Netwerken met klanten en relaties

Unique platform for enhancing relationships with customers and partners

The Surprise App can also be a way to effectively approach your customers. By creating extra excitement among prospects, you keep them engaged.

Jubileum in de tuin

Counting down to a special moment

If you keep the idea of the digital advent calendar in mind, you can imagine how well it will work for an anniversary, the launch of a new product, or any other significant occasion.

Medewerkers met telefoon

Create excitement with The Surprise App

You can think of The Surprise App as a digital advent calendar where a box needs to be opened each day until the big reveal. This builds up the anticipation.

More connection with employees, customers, or partners?

We’re happy to tell you how we can implement The Surprise App within your company.

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