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The Arena

Are you tired of spending hours in meeting rooms, feeling drained and lacking energy as you head into the next meeting? Then our ‘The Arena’ concept is the perfect solution.
  • A unique approach to meetings
  • Fosters interaction among team members
  • Modular and mobile concept
The Arena

What is The Arena?


The Arena is a modular and mobile concept. It consists of various bleacher parts made of wood, which can be arranged into different shapes (such as half circles, full circles, or ovals) with multiple levels.

This surprisingly dynamic setup offers several advantages. With the speaker positioned at the center, both speakers and guests will be more inspired. Speakers can easily engage with the audience, and the audience can readily ask questions to speakers or each other. Even with larger groups, it’s possible to create an intimate and more interactive setting. There’s no more lounging back and playing with your smartphone – everyone can see each other.

An Inspiring Meeting in 3 Steps

Summit Events can set up The Arena at almost any location, providing all the necessary facilities for a successful meeting, including technology (audio and visual), nice cushions, a podium in your brand colors, and of course catering.
Interactie met het publiek

Engage with the Audience

The Arena offers a unique setting for easy interaction with participants. Make sure to leverage this for an engaging meeting.

Volle arena

Inspiring Speakers Take the Stage

The Arena is one of the coolest stages to present on. Choose your own speakers or tap into our extensive network.

Lege arena

Building and Assembling the Arena

The Arena consists of various detachable wooden components that can be assembled into different shapes to create an inspiring environment.

Looking for an Inspiring Setting for Your Meeting?

Let us surprise you with the possibilities of The Arena. Dynamic, interactive, and innovative!

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