About Summit Events

“We organize a wide variety of events both domestically and internationally, with the primary goal of providing surprisingly unique and memorable experiences.”

Why Choose Summit Events?


Are you considering whether Summit Events is the right events agency to handle your next (online) event? Here are three compelling reasons to choose our agency:

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You want to collaborate with a team of dedicated event designers

Our event designers guide every detail from start to finish, ensuring that from the initial briefing to the final guest's departure, every moment is crafted to perfection.

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You’re looking to organize an interactive event

In our early years, we focused on organizing sporty events (such as company outings with blokarting and power kiting). Thanks to these roots, we are still the go-to agency for active corporate events.

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Your event designed with exquisite attention to detail

We handle everything from picking the perfect venue to managing the minutiae of regulations and safety, ensuring your event not only meets but exceeds expectations.


When Summit Events?


Summit Events aims to create and organize events that are ‘surprisingly different’ and as sustainable as possible, while also embodying the story and objectives of our clients.

Sinds 1996


We are excited to tackle the challenge of planning your next event, tailoring our approach specifically to your needs, rather than just offering standard solutions.


A creative process is essential for laying a solid foundation for an inspiring event. We view ourselves not just as Event Managers but primarily as Event Designers.


Summit Events distinguishes itself in event planning by thoroughly evaluating each aspect of the program and exploring all potential scenarios.


From events to videos and podcasts, we consistently go above and beyond for our clients, ensuring they maintain optimal visibility both now and in the future.

Our team


Marry-Inge de Vries

Sr. Event Designer and Producer


Concept development and planning

Why event organization?

I really enjoy the entire process of conceptualizing, organizing, and overseeing an event from start to finish.

Tom Kortenoever

Tom Kortenoever

Event designer & Event manager​


Concept development and planning

Why event organization?

Every request, every client and every event is unique.

Joeri Rooij

Creative & Managing Director.


Concept development and finance

Why event organization?

It remains a challenge to surprise every guest…

Collaborating with Summit Events?


At Summit Events, we organize a diverse array of business events, from outings and team-building events to kick-off meetings and off-grid meetings.

Our PROUD collaborations


Since 1996, we have had the privilege of organizing a diverse array of events for numerous companies, ranging from intimate one-day gatherings with 10 participants in the Netherlands to grand, multi-day international events hosting up to 700 guests.