Hybrid events

Combine live and online seamlessly with a hybrid event. We’re eager to tell you more about the coolest venues, exciting activities, and other possibilities.

What is a hybrid event?


A hybrid event is an occasion where some participants are physically present at the location, while others join the event online. An example of an hybrid event: you organize an engaging lecture and invite a small exclusive group to attend the event in person. Meanwhile, other interested individuals can participate in the lecture online at the same time.

These types of events gained popularity during the pandemic when it wasn’t advisable to get together in large groups. However, hybrid events are an intriguing choice for your event, pandemic or not.

Important! A hybrid event goes beyond a mere livestream. Even online, you aim for interaction with your audience.

Why go hybrid?

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Reach a larger audience

Only so many seats at the venue, but online? The sky's the limit.​


More interaction

Online, it's easier for attendees to ask questions or actively participate in a (small) panel discussion.

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A sustainable option

Less paper, less travel, less resources, more saving the planet.

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Keep the good times going

Keep attendees engaged after the event with videos, interesting workshops, or other online activities.

2 hybrid event examples

Hybride event: Future talks

Future talks

From a stunning industrial location in Utrecht, we hosted a hybrid event after a major international medical conference. More than 10 presenters delivered short, 10-minute presentations on medical trends and developments. There were 40 attendees in the room and an additional 150 viewers online.

Celebrate our differences

Celebration our Differences

To highlight Diversity and Inclusion, we organized a hybrid event with 2 studios and 6 locations spread across the Netherlands. Employees could either attend the event in person or watch the broadcast. The event featured presentations, informal breaks with a photomosaic, and lively panel discussions with executives.

Events that can also be organized as a hybrid event: