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You have a goal for your event in mind, but how do you ensure that all participants are on the same page? And how do you create the right atmosphere to reach these goals? Allow us to introduce: the icebreaker.
  • Leave a lasting impression
  • Get the energy flowing from the start
  • An event that truly delivers

What are icebreakers?


An icebreaker is the perfect warm-up for almost any event, but especially for multi-day events like kick-off meetings and sales meetings. An icebreaker can be anything – an activity, an inspirational speaker, or another unique act.

The goal? To kick off the event with energy, remove barriers, and set a certain vibe. Events often start off pretty formal. But to really hit those targets, you need a more informal and relaxed vibe. At Summit Events, we’re all about igniting the excitement with a killer icebreaker that gets everyone fired up.

(And trust us, once our clients see the magic in action, they’re hooked).

Which icebreakers do we like to use?

A great icebreaker should be tailored to the company, the attendees, and the objectives. We work closely together to select the ideal icebreaker that aligns with your needs. Here are several options that have consistently delivered impressive results for us in the past.
Events met energie

Humor, music and games

For an icebreaker, nothing is too crazy. Everyone dancing on stage? No problem. A little scavenger hunt. Anything goes!

Teambuilding opdrachten

Engaging Activities to Spice Things Up

Getting to know each other in a different way, giving a participant some extra attention, or achieving something together. A little task can really shake things up.

Motivational speaker

The motivational speaker

Summit Events has some very special speakers for icebreakers. Their talks will keep the conversation going well beyond the event.

Curious about the possibilities for your company?

We’ll make sure your event is one for the books.

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