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Moving the Needle

Moving the needle

“For our kick-off meeting we are looking for special and surprising moments, inspiring speakers and one all-encompassing theme. We will also inform the staff daily about our strategy and all the changes that will take place next year. On top of that, we want to present important sales awards. So the award ceremony evening must again be a great experience from head to toe. The location has been decided upon already this time, but do you want to provide us with ideas and a theme in which we can do all this in 3 days?”

Coming up with an all-encompassing theme is one of the most difficult parts of creating an event. Clients often have multiple objectives that they want to communicate during a live event. We locked ourselves up for a few hours for a brainstorming session for this client as well. In the end, we presented the customer with the theme ‘Moving the needle’, to which the management immediately responded with great enthusiasm.

‘Moving the needle’ is a useful metaphor to inspire employees and achieve personal goals and recognition. It’s also about achieving greater success for the company. Working together differently, thinking differently and thus having ‘the needle’ point in a different direction turned out to be a bull’s eye. This theme has therefore been a suitable ‘umbrella’ for several of our clients, under which they could express their objectives. Maybe ‘Moving the needle’ also suits your upcoming event, but we also don’t mind coming up with a completely new theme.


08:00 in the morning

Surprising 600 guests with a Summit Energizer

Rise & shine energy session

From yoga to dance festival in just 60 minutes


Waking up together

And 'refuel' enough energy for a whole day

Award Ceremony Night

Who will be honoured this year?


Time to party

Summit Events' houseband...The Boston Tea Party

Inspirational speakers

Meet & greet with Olympic champions


Live Cooking

What else during a live event?

Time to dance

The dance floor has been opened, who goes first?

Oh, that went pretty quickly

600 dancing employees

Boston Tea Party

Europe's best live act for corporate events


What time is it?

3 a.m., almost time to wake up again...

TEDx sessions

Inspiring and personal stories


Motivating and surprising your colleagues

in just 7 minutes

"Can I hold a TEDx session next year?"

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