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Icebreaker, the perfect warming-up

How to create a good atmosphere from the very first moment

You have a goal in mind and you organise an event to achieve that goal. Question is, how do you ensure that all participants reach the same level and that the right atmosphere is present to achieve those goals? That is possible with an icebreaker.

An icebreaker is especially suitable for kick-off and sales meetings, in particular for those that last several days. But this can also be very suitable for other types of events. An icebreaker can be an activity where participants work together, but it can also be a session with a motivational speaker. Summit Events has a number of very special speakers for icebreakers. We therefore guarantee that our session will be discussed for a long time to come.

Icebreaker, the ideal warming-up

At the start of an event, the atmosphere is often still very formal. Everyone has gathered to achieve some business goals. However, in practice, these goals are often only really achieved if there is a more informal atmosphere. An icebreaker is ideal for creating the right atmosphere within a group. We use ingredients such as humour and music. Who is the real leader within your group? Which music suits you and your company well?

We also have small assignments to transform the atmosphere. Give each other a compliment, put a colleague in the spotlight, and so on … Now if we tell you that at the beginning of the icebreaker session everyone will be in a chair, but at the end everyone will be dancing on stage… you may not believe us yet, but we are happy to prove that it is really possible.

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