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Energizer for events

When meetings freeze

You do everything you can to keep the staff involved in your company. You know that teambuilding is essential to allow people to work together better and more closely, both during the company event and at work. But those teambuilding workshops, that business event and those too long meetings can collapse at some point. Luckily, there are energizers / icebreakers (boxing clinic, haka, morning disco) from Summit Events! An energizer from Summit Events provides a burst of positive energy.

What is an energizer?

Your staff would like to go on an adventure, but people also want to be kept busy during that adventure. If it is going to be a lame meeting, or the workshop artist doesn’t get along with his audience, then it’s time for an energizer. But what exactly is an energizer? It is a very short but very powerful and fun activity that you can do with a certain group. The name says it all: to keep the energy in or to bring it back in. Summit Events has multiple energizers and icebreakers to keep your target group sharp.

Energizer teambuilding

Energizers are also very suitable for teambuilding. By doing an activity together, people can get to know each other better and / or work together even better.

Energy from sunrise to sunset

The team needs to be shaken up again. The energy is out. People are close to falling asleep. This can happen during a meeting, but also during an event, especially if an event lasts several days. Our energizers can be used during a 1-day event in the afternoon or evening and during multi-day events, for example, also very well in the morning. We provide the energy to help your guests get through the day.


It is important to you that your staff remains clear, fit and focused at all times. During the fun events you come up with, which cost a lot of money, but also during business gatherings such as meetings and trade shows. You don’t want them to slack off and their thoughts to be elsewhere. Keep that attention, follow the lesson one hundred percent and stick to the story of the coach or trainer. Discover the power to give a business event power again by means of an energizer.


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