Expedition Back To Basic

“The story that we want to share with our employees is about – back to the basics, our core values and key products. We also want to be able to present our strategy and objectives for next year in an unforgettable way. Can you come up with an event for us, during which this theme is highlighted from start to finish and where we continue to surprise them. So we are looking for an event that no one will ever forget. Is that possible?”

With that message in mind, our event designers set to work and the result has become one of the most memorable events in Summit Events history. After a week, we presented and visualised the concept to our client … ‘Expedition – Back To Basic’ was born.

In Brabant, an “empty” private nature reserve was completely transformed into a company branded village à la festival / camping. Each guest received their own tent with onesie, thermo sleeping suit, mattress, towels, etc. Plenary meetings and breakout sessions were organised in 10 large teepee tents and the party evening took place on a large floating pavilion, just in front of the ‘village’.

At the end of the event, the guests could choose whether they wanted to keep their tent, mattress, sleeping suit, etc., or make it available to the Dutch Council for Refugees. In the year of this event, the refugee crisis played a major role and more than 90% of the participants chose to do their bit.

Expedition – Back To Basic…let your imagination fly!

Expedition - Back to Basic

Company Glamping 2.0

140 private tents

with a 4* interior

3 full days

of inspiring, informing and motivating

The customer comes first

customer obsession


Back to basic activities

Rise & Shine

Waking up with the colleagues


A real team

Informed and inspired

on the way back home

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