Our organisation

Summit Events is a Dutch agency. We specialise in creating, organising and producing corporate events in The Netherlands and abroad. All events from Summit are organised from Haarlem (North Holland) by a team of committed and experienced Event designers.

How it started

Summit was founded in 1996 under the name ‘Summit Sports’. In the early years, the focus was on sustainable and adventurous sports. Summit Sports is best known as the first Blokart provider. Blokarting is the modern form of beach sailing. Summit was the first in Europe to organise this sport for groups. In addition to blokarting, Summit Sports has introduced and promoted many other sustainable sports. Examples of these sports are skate winging, skimbatting and flingo. All these introductions generated a lot of media attention both nationally and internationally.

In addition to media attention, the number of events also increased enormously in a short period of time. More and more companies are approaching Summit to organise their events. Sustainability and adventure turned out to be a good combination.

Summit Events

Summit Sports continued to organise more and larger events. The working method and ideas for events were appreciated by many clients. After that, the question arose more and more whether Summit could organise more events for a company. This question was a great opportunity for further growth as an organisation: ‘Summit Events’ was born …

After that, Summit Events has developed over the years into a full service agency in the event industry. From creation to event production, Summit Events can and does it all, with each event having to be surprisingly different for participants.