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Wrap Up


Let’s wrap it UP!

The nicest, fastest and most energetic wrap up of your event!


Why this show for the summary and conclusion of your substantive event? Very simple. Most wrap-ups are quite boring, often too low in energy and there is actually (almost) never a clear take-out. Guests describe and experience most wrap-ups as difficult, unnecessary, a repetition of moves and an extra bump on the way to drinks or home.

And, as an organisation, you want to ensure a strong closure. After all, “people remember first what they hear last”. A very good reason to think carefully about the conclusion of your event.

But no worries! 

From now on there is the closing act for every substantive event. ‘Let’s wrap it UP!’

20 minutes and no more

20 minutes is all it takes for a strong summary of your event, growing in energy, discussing all highlights, 100% interaction, growth in togetherness and embracing the goal of the day. All this in combination with a crystal clear take-out, an energetic host, synergy with all guests and you have the right mix for the nicest, fastest and most energetic wrap up in the world.


As soon as our host is on stage, time starts to run. The clock starts at 20 minutes (live on screen)… and the show really stops at 0. Here we GO !!! The challenge has begun …

‘The wrap’

In 20 minutes, your guests will do all kinds of things on their way to a final in total euphoria. Our wraps are usually real “noise-makers”, in which the guests contribute to the finale in an energetic and musical way.

Wrap ups and events

Our wrap ups are very suitable for meetings that last a long time, for example a full day or several days such as sales meetings and kick off meetings.

In conclusion

100% energy – go home with 100% energy

Teamspirit – test whether we leave with a team spirit

Trust – room experiment towards complete trust in the future and each other

Personal contribution -1 or 2 guests are given the opportunity of a lifetime to make an unforgettable contribution ‘live’ on stage to the company for 1 minute

Pro-active mindset – test whether we have grown in this area

Highlights – we summarise the highlights of the meeting

Take-out – together with the audience we crystallise the final message

Musical finale -at the start of this act, the room makes a choice from 4 tracks that ‘match’ with the company

Carry the message – the audience will literally carry the message 

IQ, EQ, AQ – hilarious test whether we have grown in these three areas

Let’s wrap – music and a bit of ‘wrapping’…

Evaluation – live evaluation of the content / objective of the day

Special – we also have a special give-away for our wrap up. These ‘noise makers’ usually cost € 2.50 per piece. The give-aways can also be customised in event style with company logo. Price on request.

More information wrap-up

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