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Teambuilding App by Summit Events

Assembling a team is the first step. However, that does not mean that the team will be successful. In successful teams, the team members and colleagues know each other. To promote this, Summit Events has developed a teambuilding app. This allows employees to get to know each other better. They know better what to expect from each other, what their strengths and weaknesses are and what concerns them in life.

With that knowledge, we can work together in a better way. Collaborating or taking over tasks from each other becomes a lot easier for everyone, which is very important in the workplace. To be there for each other, to be ready for the other and easily jump in when the other accidentally drops a stitch.

Knowing me, Knowing you: The-get-to-know-each-other-app

To let employees get to know each other better, Summit Events has developed the team building app ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’. With K.M.K.Y., employees get to know each other in a more personal and informal way than at a standard acquaintance event. At K.M.K.Y., all employees are presented with a questionnaire well before the event. Questions are determined in consultation with the employer and can be both personal and business related.

  • What is your favourite holiday destination?
  • Which magazine do you like to read?
  • For how long have you been with the organisation?
  • What is your travel time to the office?

Various questions / topics, that can be adapted to the goals and wishes of the employer.

Form and build teams

On the day of the teambuilding, all employees install the app. They are automatically assigned to a team. During the event, employees (players) must find all team members and collect the information requested by the app from these people. What is Jan’s favourite car brand? What is Chantal’s favorite cuisine? If an employee has spoken to all his / her team members, the level has been completed and the teams can possibly continue together in a next level.

Atmosphere and distance with Mooving Minds

In 2020, the world has experienced a pandemic. Corona shut down countries. Covid-19 ensured that work could only be done at home for a long time. Employees no longer saw each other. Sometimes not for weeks, but in many cases not even for months. Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other ways of video calling were the main ways of communication. And it is not over yet.

How can you maintain a good atmosphere within teams in such a time? How can you ensure that there is a bond and, in the best case, even teambuilding? Summit Events developed the game ‘Mooving Minds‘ as an answer to those questions.

Mooving Minds is a daily trivia game played with smartphones. Participants (read: employees) are divided into teams, but do not physically have to be with their team. The game is played in their own safe environment, but all results do count towards the team score. Teams play against each other, but communicate with each other. The game has a chat function that allows players to ‘speak’ with each other and possibly even with players from other teams. The questions are very diverse and can be adapted to the corporate culture.

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Teambuilding 2.0

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