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The Winter Expedition

“This year, we can only hold our event in January. Could you create an event for us, with which we can communicate the following event keywords to our sales team: Collaboration, innovation, challenge yourself en exceeding expectations.”

Based on these words, our event designers put together a multi-day programme that was entitled ‘The Winter Expedition’. During 3 days, the teams were presented with various challenges that took them to beautiful places and where collaboration was a continuous process. From Spa (Belgium) to Maastricht and back. In addition, the guests received a true expedition package, containing an outdoor jacket, gloves, hat, headlamp, etc. The Winter Expedition was a special and unforgettable experience for all participants and ended with a spectacular evening in a beautiful marl cave, including a surprise performance by Alain Clark and band.

The Winter Expedition…collaboration full stop!

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Winter Expedition

Challenges, Meetings & Collaboration


Temperatures below zero

Fire pits, glühwein and marshmallows

Creating trust

Teambuilding with colleagues


Thinking in solutions

And implementing them

Alain Clark live

An unforgettable performance


Meet & Greet

In Château Neercanne