Escape to the Future

Unique mash-up of a kick-off meeting and an escape game

“Why don’t we just turn an entire prison into the TV series of La Casa de Papel, so that all guests feel like they are in an episode in real-life?” With that idea in mind, we wrote a 3-day kick-off meeting for this client, culminating in a real ‘prison escape’ …

Our client commented… “Do you think you can really exceed all of our events from the previous years, communicating our 2020 goals to our team in an unforgettable way?”

Well, we didn’t let ourselves be told twice and within a week we presented them the ‘Escape To The Future’ kick-off event. The essence was to have all 150 staff close the year 2019 by ‘locking them up’ in a prison, and then letting them ‘escape’ again with the targets, objectives and challenges of 2020 in hand. A unique mash-up of a kick-off meeting and an escape game.

Everything on the location was transformed into a La Casa de Papel prison, complete with appropriate outfits, prison guards, food / drinks, Spanish music and inspiring speeches and lectures. The message for 2020 was more than clear for everyone at the end of the day and thanks to this spectacular set-up, we can speak of a very surprising event that the guests will remember for a long time to come.

The 'prisoners' are on their way

but nobody knows where to yet

Putting on the Casa de Paper outfit

and inspecting the new accommodation

Everyone is amazed

when the prison is entered

The on roll call with 150 colleagues

and listening carefully to the opining speech

It is completely quiet in the prison

while the director shares her vision

Which way are we going?

What is expected of us?

5* catering in prison

from one surprise to another