Online teams meeting

Successful online teams meeting with impact

  • Get your message across like a boss
  • A meeting that energizes your team
  • Meer betrokkenheid bij je organisatie
Organizing a good online teams meeting is not as easy as it seems. At Summit Events, we know just how to keep employees engaged.
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Successful online teams meetings with Summit Events


Online meetings have become an integral part of modern society. Video calls via Zoom or Microsoft Teams have skyrocketed in popularity. However, the increased number of online meetings doesn’t necessarily mean they’re all successful. Online communication is trickier than it appears. You can organize an online teams meeting, but how do you effectively share your message with your employees? Summit Events is here to help you with your online meeting, whether it’s an online sales meeting, a kickoff, or even a webinar to educate your employees.

The possibilities

Studio in Haarlem

Fully equipped studio in Haarlem

We’ve got everything set up and ready to go.

We create engaging events

For example, by using online energizers and interaction sessions.

Tot in de puntjes verzorgd

Online meetings that shine

With moderators, videos, and music. Always in line with your company brand.

Hybride icon

Hybrid events are also an option

Combining online and offline? We organize broadcasts at any location of your choice.



How Summit Events organizes your online teams meeting


Organizing a successful online meeting involves more than you might think. A suitable broadcast location, equipment, technicians for the broadcast, and don’t forget the moderators who ensure everything runs smoothly. Additionally, you need to consider which set-up is most suitable for your broadcast. Of course we can help you to further professionalize your meetings, with professional looking bumpers, teasers, and break videos. Haven’t thought about that yet? We’re here to tell you about the possibilities to elevate your online meeting to the next level.

Host your online meeting from our studio in Haarlem

Organizing an online meeting at your own location? No problem, but did you know we have our own studio in Haarlem? Ideally located in the Randstad, easily accessible, and with free parking right outside. The studio is fully equipped for a successful meeting.

We don’t believe in boring online meetings

We’re all about making sure your online meeting is not just informative. It’s also important that employees gain energy from your meeting. Quite a challenge, as online gatherings often drain energy. That’s why Summit Events incorporates power breaks—short sessions where interaction occurs between participants and where they can regain energy. A must-have for every online meeting.

Want to learn more about the possibilities of an online meeting?

We’re here to tell you how we can take your online meeting(s) to the next level.

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