The Sky is on Fire


Experience Iceland at its best with an incentive trip

Are you looking for a distant destination for a teambuilding activity, a networking drink with business relations or for another occasion related to work? Experience Iceland at its best with an incentive trip and choose from a wide range of possibilities in terms of activities. An incentive trip to Iceland from Summit Events is arranged down to the last detail and guarantees you a great experience.

Are you looking for a faraway destination for Incentive Iceland with one or more relaxing days?

If you opt for an incentive Iceland trip from Summit Events, you will arrive by plane in Reykjavik. This city is ideal to be discovered with your colleagues or business associates, but the surroundings of Reykjavik also have more than enough to offer. Experience the spectacular Northern Lights (Polar Light) or visit the Blue Lagoon. This thermal bath is heated all year round and you can completely unwind here with a cocktail from the bar. In short, Iceland is a country that cannot be compared with any other country.

Discover the rugged landscapes of beautiful Iceland

After visiting the island’s capital and the nearby Blue Lagoon, it is time to explore the rest of the island. With a fully arranged incentive trip from Summit Events, transport is also included. In just a few hours traveling you are in the beautiful nature of Iceland. In addition, you can also think of an adventurous trip by quad to discover the rugged (lava) landscape of Iceland in this way.

If the incentive trip takes place in summer, you can also choose to explore the island by mountain bike or go canoeing, rafting or horseback riding. Iceland is of course also known for whale watching. With our Iceland travel incentive, you will go on the water by boat, to get very close to these impressive beasts. The best travel time for whale watching starts in October and runs through March. If you would like to visit the island for this activity, it is wise to take these months into account. The Summit Events team will be happy to inform you about all activities in the different seasons.

Visit the Golden Circle during one of the tours

If you visit Iceland, a visit to the Golden Circle should not be missed. You will visit the Thingvellir National Park, get close to one of the many Geysers and you will come face to face with the Langjökull Glacier. This makes an incentive Iceland from Summit Events a unique experience and fantastic memory.

Experience Iceland?

Curious about the possibilities for an incentive trip to Iceland? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to tell you more about the possibilities and think along with you. Call 088-4249007, or fill in an application- or ‘call me back’- form. We will then contact you as soon as possible.

Waterfalls and sunsets


in the middle of nowhere


one with nature...

Unique waterfalls


Which you can experience with all your senses.

But calmer waters can also be beautiful...

Typically Icelandic horses

A land that shines above and below the ground...

Impressive geysirs

And wonderful natural warm baths.

Culinary enjoyment of fresh dishes.

Impressive day and night.

The Land of Fire and Ice

Giant waterfalls

With and without Northern Lights

Black sand beaches

Active geysers