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The Surprise App


Celebrate your anniversary online

You have had a successful company for years and of course you want to keep it that way. You stand by your staff and see them as family. Your company is flourishing and you are convinced that this is the logical consequence of perfect mutual cooperation. Like one big family. Use the Summit Events surprise app and increase the family feeling even more.


The bond of your people with your organisation is enormous. You also do everything you can to keep improving this. Communication is top priority for you. Communicating with each other is not only necessary with each other within the company, but also outside it. Communicating with the clients is just as important. Or perhaps more important, as without your customers, the company would not exist. With our surprise app, you can realise a better bond with your customers or relations, online but in an original way.

Original way of communicating

That is exactly what you are looking for. An original way to pass messages to each other online. A special app as a platform for more team spirit, even more togetherness. Summit Events has therefore developed the surprise app. An ordinary e-mail nowadays does not say much anymore and you sometimes wonder whether everyone reads all your e-mails so carefully. And you want to achieve that again, that people in the workplace feel involved, also through online messages. That, if you have something to say, the entire staff will listen. That everyone wants to hear it too, because they know it is important to them too. With the surprise app, you reduce the distance from people in the workplace to the management. Ask Summit Events about all possibilities without obligation.

Create excitement with the Surprise App

With the surprise app, you can build in excitement. You can see it as an online advent calendar where a box has to be opened until the moment suprême. The surprise app, with, for example, a counting down clock or a box that has to be scratched open, builds the tension. As a result, your audience, your staff and / or your customers reads and remembers the message well! If you stick with the idea of the digital advent calendar for a while, you can imagine how this works at an anniversary, the start of manufacturing a new product or a completely new company…

Unique platform for your customers

The surprise app can also be a unique way to approach your customers effectively. Creating an extra tension among your prospects also helps with interactive communication. Sending online messages to this group, which after all determines growth, becomes so much more interesting. The feedback is many times greater because of that little bit extra that you add through this special communication.

More information Surprise Apps

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