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Blokart F1 Race Edition

Blokarting like Max Verstappen

Summit Sports is the first and largest provider of blokarting in Europe. An adventurous and spectacular sport that everyone can participate in. In recent years, Summit has further developed the blokart with and Summit’s main sponsor Finder. Together, a switch to the future was made in the form of a major upgrade of the traditional blokart model. For example, all blokarts were reinforced, equipped with racing tires (no Pirelli), a cockpit and extra gadgets such as speedometers.

Racing across the beach

Speeding on a circuit is unfortunately only possible for a select group. But fast driving on the beach is feasible for almost everyone. You may not immediately achieve the same speed as Max Verstappen with blokarting, but the wind in your hair, a view of the sea and the surroundings of the beach provide a unique racing experience.

With the Blokart Race Edition, Summit Events organises different types of events. For and with Finder we organise the Finder Blokart Grand Prix, with all blokarts featuring Finder branding. In addition, the blokarts can be used for all kinds of corporate events. Ranging from small team events to large beach events where all branches of a company are invited. In either case, blokarting is often combined with other beach sports, such as powerkiting and bubble soccer.

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