Corporate event / Teambuilding

As you probably know better than anyone, teambuilding is very important nowadays. Your employees enjoy experiencing adventures together and participating in group activities, in addition to their normal work. A good corporate event is therefore highly appreciated. Working together, performing group assignments and communicating effectively during a team day will have immediate positive consequences for interacting with each other in the workplace.

Teambuilding events

From survival games to escape rooms, from Highland games to cruising through Loosdrecht on a Solex; Summit Events takes care of it all.

Choose a business event to never forget

Are you looking for an original corporate event? Perhaps because you are celebrating a special anniversary year? Or maybe because you want something completely different than the annual barbecue or a Friday afternoon drink? In either case, there are more than enough possibilities for a corporate event that you can book at Summit Events. We offer plenty of options for both large and small organisations and the company party can even be celebrated in a special theme. And, just as importantly, our activities can be booked at a competitive price. The events are suitable for large groups as well as for smaller ones.

An active or culinary business event?

The purpose of the corporate event depends, of course, entirely on your personal preferences.  You may see the staff event as a great opportunity to strengthen the team, or you might just want to enjoy culinary delights. In the field of company events, many teambuilding activities are possible, including the popular escape rooms, a survival day or blokarting on the beach. If you prefer to enjoy a carefree evening, you can of course choose to go out for dinner as a company event.

An unforgettable staff party at your place

Perhaps you have a large warehouse that is ideal as a party room and you prefer to arrange a staff party at your company. In that case there are also many possibilities. How about a fun event with food trucks or a DJ who mixes the best songs together. With this staff party you do not have to worry about transport and you can be sure that the staff party is arranged down to the last detail.

A team event or company event in different price ranges

Whether it’s a family day, a large corporate event or a staff party, in all cases chances are you have a certain budget in mind. Don’t worry, for all types of events there are various activities available in different price ranges. Mix-and-match different activities or, for example, opt for a fully arranged company event in Amsterdam. Absolutely everything is possible at event agency Summit Events.

More information corporate event

Curious about the possibilities for your corporate event? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to tell you more about the possibilities and think along with you. Call 088-4249007, or fill in an application- or ‘call me back’- form. We will then contact you as soon as possible.