Powerkiten: ervaar de kracht van de wind


Kite flying boring? Not if you use power kites! These double lined kites make kite flying a spectacular beach activity for young and old: powerkiting!

NASA Wings

For the powerkiting, we use official NASA Wings. The design of these kites is based on the parachutes with which NASA slows down the space shuttle. this means that the powerkite is designed to be able to provide a lot of (counter)power. This activity is therefore the ultimate opportunity to get acquainted with the power of the wind.

Powerkiting in Wijk aan Zee

During a powerkiting clinic at our beach in Wijk aan Zee, one of our instructors explains how exactly it works. On top of that, attention is paid to all safety measures that ought to be taken into consideration. Together with a ‘buddy’ you can then get started. As soon as you have mastered the basic technique, you can start trying to find the so-called ‘powerzone’ with the kite. This is the range in which the powerkite catches the most wind, and therefore also where most power is involved. It might even be possible you get pulled along the beach a bit! Powerkiting is also not allowed everywhere in The Netherlands. Special kite zones have been selected along the Dutch coast, and Wijk aan Zee is one of them!

Powerkiting | Packages

Generally, we offer powerkiting in combination with a blokart clinic in our Blokart Race Edition. This is because during the kiting you experience the power of the wind, and during blokarting the speed of it. Together these activities form the ultimate beach experience.

Would you rather add a competitive element to your event? Our variety of team sports offers plenty of possibilities. After the quite intensive powerkiting, a round of beach golf is the perfect addition to the programme. Not enough exercise yet? Add an hour of lacrosse to your day, or check out our site for an overview of all activities!

Curious about the possibilities for your blokarting beach event? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to tell you more about the possibilities and gladly contribute our ideas. Call 088-4249007 directly, fill in an application- or ‘call me back’-form. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Sun and wind, the perfect combination…

Powerkiten tijdens zonsondergang
Ervaar de kracht van de wind

Experience the power of the wind…